Bissell Spinwave vs Spinwave Cordless vs Spinwave Plus [Review 2021]

Bissell is one of the best mop manufacturers in the field who have created their own mark in the field of cleaning. There are only a few household cleaning devices in the world that have captured the mind of customers and produced efficient results as claimed by manufacturers and Bissell products have been dominating as an icon of trust and efficiency. Don’t worry if you are hearing this brand name for the first time because it is assuring that you will be familiar with the best products of Bissell once you have completed reading this article.

Let’s accept the fact that cleaning your house at the weekends is one of the tedious chores that one can face after spending their energetic days in offices, looking after children, shopping, and so on. But we have got to accept the fact that it’s always uncomfortable to live in a messy, smelly, and rumpled home. So is there a solution where you can finish cleaning as fast as a  genie from the lamp? You bet there is!! And it has a brand name called Bissell Spinwave mops.


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There are so many Bissell spin-wave models that have been storming the market and sometimes it’s very confusing which one to choose. In this article, An elaborate idea of Bissell spin wave products has been The top 3 Bissell spinwave models have been tested and reviewed to spare you the time researching other sources and getting confused.

Bissell Spinwave vs Spinwave Cordless vs Spinwave Plus

1.Bissell Spinwave Powered Mop


BISSELL Spinwave Powered Hardwood Floor Mop




  • 5-pound lightweight mop
  • 22 feet long power cord
  • 28-ounce water tank
  • 2 soft mop pads and 2 scrubby mop pads
  • Suitable for all kinds of floors

Bissell spinwave is one of the best spinwave models that the Bissell company has produced. As the name suggests itself, the mops could spin with an angle of 360 degrees which gives an all-round cleaning experience sparing no dirt. The first look at the Spinwave mop gives a good impression because it’s a very simple model but fused with the latest technology.

It is a lightweight and swivel-headed mop that can be used for both light and heavy works. It is a corded mop, which means it requires a power outlet for its functioning. For most users, it is not a considerable factor, but if you are concerned about its reachability, just know that it has a 22 feet long power chord that can reach and tidy up every nook and corner of your home or cleaning area. The on-demand spray function helps you take control of how many solutions to be sprayed over the cleaning area. The additional onboard stop feature will let you stop the mop if it is kept upright if you want to take a break or answer a phone call.

The mop requires water and a cleaning solution to maximize its wonders.  It contains a 28 oz water tank that can be filled with water and a cleaning solution and once you have filled it you can turn on the mop and the mixing of the solution occurs, passing them on to the mop pads. Warm water is highly recommended and it is not necessary to use a cleaning solution, but it does add some magic to cleaning. There are indicator marks to indicate how much solution should be filled depending upon the area of cleaning, whether it is a small or large area.

The Bissell spinwave mops have two different sections holding two mops embedded at the bottom of the cleaner. There are two different types of mops that come alongside the product – soft touchpads and scrubby pads. The soft touchpads are light mop pads that are used when you want a gentle cleaning on hardwood floors or small stains. But when it comes to tough, greasy, and sticky mess, scrubby pads would work the wonder on them. Once you have used up the mops, you can wash them and dry them to reuse them.

2.Bissell Spinwave Cordless Hard Mop Cleaner


Bissell Spinwave vs Spinwave Cordless vs Spinwave Plus [Review 2021]




  • Cordless mop
  • Rechargeable 18V Lithium-ion battery
  • 20 mins of continuous working time
  • Additional onboard storage feature
  • 2 soft mop pads and 2 scrubby mop pads

Yes, you read the term right. Cordless mop. How cool is that? The Bissell spinwave cordless mop was the next step taken by Bissell manufacturers in revolutionizing the cleaning industry.

While this cordless mop has many features similar to that of the Bissell spinwave mop, having a rechargeable battery makes it very convenient for those customers who like to avoid the hassle of changing the electrical outlet while shifting rooms during cleaning.

Since the main component of this product is the rechargeable battery, here are a few details about the battery. It is an 18V Lithium-ion battery that can provide enough charge to use the mop for twenty minutes. Twenty minutes of battery charge may not be enough for customers who have to clean a very large area. Even though the battery life is a little bit short, it is compensated by its good flexibility and mobility.

It is a lightweight 11-pound cleaner that has all the features similar to Bissell spinwave mop. It has a large water tank that can store water and the cleaning solution. The cordless mop has a built-in feature known as an on-demand spray trigger that gives the user control of the amount of cleaning solution that goes on to the floors while cleaning. One of the great advantages of the mop is that it works very quietly avoiding all those unnecessary disturbances while cleaning.

The mops are of two different types- the soft mops and the scrubby mops. The soft mops are used for gentle stains while the hard scrubby mops are used in cases of tough stains. Usually, the soft mops are used often because it wipes the floor clean with very little effort. Instead of carrying around these two mops separately, the Bissell Spinwave cordless mop has an onboard storage feature, that can store the mops once used. The mop pads are washable and can be used again and again several times, instead of one-time-use and disposal.

If you are not a great fan of mop having a cord that interrupts during your cleaning job where the cord stucks between the legs of chairs and tables and accidentally fall off the electrical outlet, then the Bissell spinwave cordless mop is the best option to consider.



3.Bissell Spinwave Plus


BISSELL Spinwave Plus Hard Floor Cleaner and Mop




  • 22 feet long cord
  • Additional two soft mop pads
  • Extra cleaning solutions provided
  • 28-ounce water tank
  • Spray on-demand feature
  • Quiet working environment

The intuition you got in your mind while you read the name is right. The Bissell Spinwave Plus is an upgraded version of the Bissell spinwave mop. While most of the features are similar to Bissell Spinwave mop and Bissell Spinwave cordless mop, some additional features are added to this mop to enhance the user experience. The Bissell spinwave Plus mop is suited for cleaning all kinds of floors including vinyl, hardwood, and tile flooring.

Let’s cut to the chase!! While Bissell spinwave mop has two sets of mop pads – two soft ones and two scrubby mop pads, the Bissell spinwave plus offers one set of additional mop pads, which is actually cool. Since the soft pads are used very often, you have to clean them and dry them before using it again which is actually a time-consuming process. Hence two additional soft pads help you to save that time and cover a wider area during cleaning. The best of Bissell spinwave features have been embedded in this mop like the swivel head and high-speed scrubbing of mop pads in 360 degrees. For effective cleaning, water and the cleaning solution are essential ingredients.

The Bissell Spinwave plus mop offers two eight-ounce bottles of Multi-floor formula cleaning solution and two eight-ounce bottles of wood floor formula cleaning solution which makes the mopping much easier and makes the product worth its cost. The extra cleaning solution helps you to clean a much wider area and elongates the usability of the product.

Although Bissell spinwave plus is very much similar to Bissell spinwave mop above, it has some notable additional features such as two extra soft mop pads and an additional amount of cleaning solutions. The design features are very much similar but its nice mobile design makes it more attractive. Finally, it is up to you to decide which one of the two is more suitable for your home and is worth your time and money.



Comparison Between Bissell Spinwave, Spinwave Cordless, and Spinwave Plus


Bissell Spinwave

Spinwave Cordless

Spinwave Plus

Cord length 21 – feet long cord No cord 21 – feet long cord
Power source Electric current Rechargeable battery Electric current
Working time As long as  current flows 20 minutes As long as current flows
Mop pads 2 soft mop pads

2 scrubby mop pads


2 soft mop pads

2 scrubby mop pads

4 soft mop pads

2 scrubby mop pads

Warranty 2 year 1 year 2 year

Why are Bissell Spinwave Mops Recommended?

Bissell Products have already gained good reviews from customers because of its better performance and value of money. While most of the other branded mops claim to have better durability, they breakdown most of the time during working when coming near to the end of the warranty period. This leaves the customer in a condition of unhappiness and frustration. But it leaves the customer with no other choice other than to either try repairing it or replace it with a new one. But most of the time, the second choice would also prove quite to be a failure.

It’s always recommended to select the brand even though it costs a bit more than usual ones. If considered economically too, buying 1 mop for two years is better than buying 3 mops for two years. While you are purchasing from the market, the storage capacity, additional features, the warranty should all be evaluated to make the most use of the money, and Bissell products ensure all of it.

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Final Words

The best Bissell Spinwave products have been enlisted and explained in a detailed manner in the above article. While all three of them have many features in common, what sets them apart is the extra accessories, extra mobility, and other features. If it is still confusing, take a look at the comparison table to get a good summary of the three products. At the end of the day, it is up to you to choose which one is great for you and is worth the money paid. May you choose the best one and have a good time converting your cleaning space into heaven.