Top 7 Best Splitboard Skins | Review 2021

For your next tour, it’s important that you select a reliable pair of split board skins, and to help you with that, we have created this article where we will be focusing upon the best splitboard skins reviews. It’s also important to understand that you should go for a good and convenient splitboard as the skin doesn’t only do the magic.

The split board skins no matter how best or perfect, get damaged over time and lose their essential feature properties due to various factors right from temperature changes to extreme usage. At times, there won’t be any reason for it to fail also. Remember, these are just products, so over the period, the tear is bound to happen. Keep this in mind and go for the one which meets your requirements and needs.


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Top 7 Best Splitboard Skins Reviews

Before beginning up with the list, we want to make it clear that these are our top picks and choices. It may vary from person to person. There’s no one favorite skin of ours as we believe that every individual has different needs and based on that, he/she should make the purchase.

Just don’t blindly go behind the market craze or in that manner, any factor that excites or attracts you. Read up the article and if you need then go on perform your own deep research too. Who’s stopping you? After all, it’s you who is spending the money.

1) Burton G3 High Traction Splitboard Skins




If you need an almost perfect fit for your splitboard then you should be checking out Burton G3 High Traction Splitboard Skins as it’s wide in size. The design of the product is just fabulous featuring a plush synthetic high traction material.

The traction on hard slopes and steep increases by 10-20%, all thanks to the high friction material. When with tip connectors, it becomes a lot extra beneficial as there is an increase in the climb.

Not to forget that the grip is also a lot tighter, making this one of the most favorable splitboard skins in 2020. This point can be considered as a pro but it has another side too i.e. it makes the gadget not a good choice for gliding. You can expect compatibility out of Burton G3 High Traction Splitboard Skins.

For a secure lightweight connection, you also get steel hooks. The customer is free to purchase the skin in any size and later on for the right fit, it can even be trimmed easily.

  • Great compatibility
  • Good traction
  • Near Perfect Grip
  • Steel hooks
  • Heavier Skin
  • Smoothness gliding



2) Jones Nomad Skin with Universal Tail Clip




If you have been into splitboarding for quite some time and can call yourself a pro or advanced splitboader then you must check out the Jones Nomad Skin as these are a complete package loaded with every essential feature right from lightweight to climbing prowess.

When talking about the grip of Jones Nomad Skin, it seems to be rightly balanced. The skin is a perfect tool in the market to increase speed while battling snow.

While we took out the skin for testing in the snow, it seemed to be very much sticky and we had to apply a bit of force to get it pulled off. If you have got techniques which are above the average user then you must go for the product as you are just going to fall in love with it!

The clip of the skin needs to be attached manually and in this case, if you aren’t a pro then you will have to learn to attach it by going through the step-by-step video published on the company’s official website. But, still, if you have the dedication to learn and better yourself in the art of splitboarding then you can go for the skin.

  • Reduced weight
  • Improved glide
  • Very good balance
  • Average clip
  • More inclined towards the experienced user



3) PIEPS Black Diamond Ultralite Mix STS Climbing Skin




In our best splitboard skins reviews, we have now got the skin that is just perfect for the backcountry ski environments. In the same price range, you aren’t going to find such a brilliant and lightweight product. It’s been manufactured using the 65% mohair and 35% nylon blend.

In one product, you are getting the advantages of both sides; lightweight and best glide. The attachment of the skin is done via a powerful adhesive.

Oh, did we forget to mention that the tail and tip are fields replaceable, making the length expandable up to 10 centimeters? This proves to be a savior when the glue sticks out during the snow as you can then take into account the tip and tail hardware to perform changes/adjustments.

The skin length is dynamic and can be used for almost any ski. Even the construction material, mohair, is a great choice for the skin as it makes it a lot of lightweight. For a great transition from one point to another, we have got a great glide grip.

  • Highly adjustable
  • Lightweight product
  • Great glide
  • Best construction materials used
  • Bad grip



4) G3 Alpinist 100mm Skins




The G3 Alpinist 100mm Skins has got the perfect grip that you would need to catch snow during your ski touring. If you are someone who likes to go skiing long distances then trust us G3 Alpinist 100mm Skins is just a perfect choice for you. The glue used in the skin is resistant to peeling and rolling easily.

Even in the hardest of hardest cold and wet conditions, the glue stands still. If by any chance, it gets removed off from any section then you can just peel off that specific area and get back to the normal condition by applying the new glue to it.

To resize the skins in the perfect manner and right size, you have got the essential trimming tool in the product package. If you are someone who is just beginning out with splitboarding then it could be very hard to cut the skin manually and in such cases, a trimming tool can lessen the fear of cutting the skin in the incorrect size.

The reason that we included the G3 Alpinist 100mm Skins in our best splitboard skins reviews is that it’s compatible with almost every other ski in the market. For the utmost security, we have got the tip metal clips.

  • Value for money
  • Reliable
  • High durability
  • Accommodates to many skis
  • Some users reported that the skin saver was a bit thick for them
  • Slow gliding


5) Fischer Profoil Hannibal 94 Climbing Skins




If you are looking for a skin that is unique in construction and gives a different vibe then you should definitely check out Fischer Profoil Hannibal 94 Climbing Skins. More focus was given on the relation between the snow and skin rather than just focusing primarily upon the board. A great move by the company!

The product has got amazing glide (both for uphill and downhill climbs), all thanks to the plastic scales placed in the pattern of scales of a fish. This was a unique move as almost all other skins for split boards in the market have got a directional fiber.

The construction material is made out of composition in which synthetic material is also a part, making the product quite durable. When talking about the glue, it delivers decent performance and shouldn’t come out until your environment’s temperature doesn’t drop below 20 degrees (extended period usage).

The grip of the product also largely depends upon the weather conditions. The more the temperature, the better is the grip. In the advertisements, you can clearly see that the grip of the skins is great and it’s exactly how it’s portrayed. This makes it easy to glide on a flat or inclined surface.

  • Good compatibility
  • Near perfect glide
  • Amazing grip
  • Great adhesion
  • Maybe a bit slow on glide
  • The grip is bad in cooler temperature



6) Montana Mix Splitboard Skins




Have you heard of Montana? Well, yes it’s a place in the United States and this probably is one of a kind splitboard skin that has some place name in it. It has been manufactured using the composition of synthetic Nylon and Mohair material. This means you can expect nice glide, great grip, and almost a near to perfect splitboard skin.

We feel that this gives a tough competition to G3 Alpinist 100mm Skins and probably that’s why it’s included in our list of best split board skins reviews. At this price point, the Montana Mix Splitboard Skins is just fabulous.

If you thought that only the grip or glide material made the product a tough competition for others in this list of best split board skins reviews then you were a bit wrong.

No doubt, that’s also a point that we took into consideration but other than that it’s also the tacky glue that makes the product a nice choice for split boarders. We took the pair of skins to multi-tour days and where many other skin types of glue failed to perform, it was the skins from Montana Mix that stood out and survived almost everything in between right from snow conditions to warm weather.

  • Long-lasting glue
  • A premium product
  • Reliable
  • Value for money
  • Some users reported that they found a little difficulty when it came to the gears.
  • Due to the glue being highly tacky, it may take a few minutes or so for the skins to pull apart.



7) Colltex Splitboard Skins



The company behind the product has experience of 40+ years of manufacturing high-quality climbing skins. If by any chance, you live in North America then it will be a bit difficult to find these best split board skins in the offline market and that’s why we recommend you to purchase it from our given link. They offer the best of both the worlds, grip, and glide as it’s manufactured using a blend of 65% Mohair/ 35% synthetic materials.

We tried these skins the whole season and we were quite happy with the performance that is delivered.

We think that the glide of these skins was far better than that of PIEPS Black Diamond Ultralite Mix STS Climbing Skin. You can ascertain that on traversing, there will be easier traveling. The adhesive of the product was also quite extreme. During our testing, we didn’t experience any kind of slippage right from wet to cold snow.

But just make sure that these are not folded together as that may lead to difficulty in pulling them apart. The best way to store them while not in usage is by taking into account protective sheets each and every time.

  • Great glide
  • Excellent climbing characteristics
  • Extreme adhesive
  • Lightweight
  • A bit pricey
  • Storage sheets are white
  • Limited availability in North America



How to Select the Best Split Board Skins?

Skin Length

It’s important to select a length that matches up with the length of your splitboard. The climbing skins can be found in different widths and you can easily cut them to the size of your splitboard. Generally, in the market, you can also find a normal and universal skin which are sold in just one length. But, there’s nothing to worry about as they come with the trimming tool through which you can cut the skin to the exact size of your board.


What’s exactly grip? Well, it’s the ability to have traction. The perfect grip is generally attained by the dense or tight material weave. The skins with good grip work well in traffic areas and steep inclines.


Most of the skins in the market are manufactured from mohair, synthetic skins, or using a combination of the two. The skin material decides upon a lot of factors including glide, price, etc. Let’s take a look in detail at the respective materials:

  • Mohair Skins – keep the right balance between glide and grip, while still managing to be lightweight. The durability is a little less but they are a bit expensive as compared to the nylon skins.
  • Nylon Skins – When it comes to durability, Nylon skins are just a perfect choice. But for gliding, you may not think of going for them. Compared to the blend and mohair material, these are a lot less priced.
  • Blended Skins – These offer the best of both worlds by taking into account mohair and nylon skins. Right from weight to cost, everything seems to be rightly balanced.


What’s glide? In the skins, it’s the ability to slide on the snowy surface. No doubt, the grip is very important while you are climbing but to maintain stability, it’s the glide that plays the role. Glide will make it easier for you to transit from point A to point B. The gliding factor largely depends upon the material used in the skins. To manually increase the glide of any skin, you can wax the beard and skin.

Tip and Tail Hardware

In the market, you can find that the tip and tail are seen in many styles. Some hardware can easily fit different kinds of tips and tails whereas some companies develop hardware that just fits their own skins. So, make the right decision by considering the company behind the hardware.

Straight Coverage

Straight Coverage is not a very necessary factor to consider for the general audience but for rando racers, the straight coverage factor matters a lot as they require more speed than grip. To get the perfect straight coverage, look for skin that matches close to the board width dimensions, just ensuring that it doesn’t touch the edges. This should expose the base on the tail and tip of the ski.


In the market, you will come across many companies producing splitboard skins which are just going to make you a lot more confused. This way you will never be able to know where to actually start off. To make down the journey of selection easier for you, we came up with the best split board skins reviews.

We understood that just listing the products wasn’t enough, therefore we even brought up a special dedicated section that would focus upon the factors that you should consider while making your purchase for the best split board skins.